Quantum Cellular Medicine “QCM” is the segment of medicine that focuses on cell function and cell communication in the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of health and wellness in the human body.

QCM is one of the most pleasant ways to a healthier, longer life
"QCM" Quantum Cellular Medicine
Relaxation, Preservation, Regeneration
QCM is for the whole family

German Research

Click here to see a listing of Additional QRS Clinical trials and scientific studies. These are all in German and can be sent to you upon request.

Pain alleviation – 1995
University of Graz – Prof. Dr. Fisher. Published on the 26th Annual Conference on Internal Medicine in Vienna

Cardiovascular – 1997
Ärztezeitschrift ZÄN July 1997
Jena University
Dr. med. G. Grohmann, Prof. Dr. Ing.-habil. M. Krauss

Safety to pacemakers – 1997
Karlsruhe University
Univ.-Prof. Dr. K. Meyer-Waarden

Stray radiation safety (pacemakers) – 1998
Accredited EMV – Prüflabor
Fa. Spiess, EMV – Messtechnik

Stimulated metabolism, inparticular Ca++ – 1998
Book “Grundlagen der Quantentherapie’
Dr. E. G. Fischer – Univ.-Prof. Dr. H. L. König

Headache – insomnia – potency stimulation – 1998
Study of Univ. – Prof. Dr. R. B. Pelka, Dr. V. Moliere
Book “Grundlagen der Quantentherapie”

Increased pulmonal oxygen absorption rate – 1998
Space research project, 1998 with QRS Ministry of Health, Moscow

Increased circulation as determined by thermography – 1998
Prof. Dr. hibil. W.A. Kafka, Max-Plank Institute
Prof. Dr. Ing.-hibil. M. Krauss

Proliferation of bacteria – 1998
Study at the Hohenheim University
Univ.-Prof. Dr. R. Süssmuth, Dr. R. Mittenzwey

Wound healing (ulcerated legs) – 1998
Study at the General Accident Hospital Graz
Primarius Univ.-Prof. Dr. R. Passl

Oxygen partial pressure increase up to 300% – 1998
Large-scale study at the Saarland University, Book ‘Grundlagen der Quantentherapie”
Dr. E.G.Fischer

Osteoporosis – 1998-2001
Study and doctoral thesis at the Frankfurt University
Prof.Dr.L.Zichner, Dr.med.Th.Hennings, Large-scale study, duration

Diseases of the locomotor systems – 1999
Shoulder, hip and knee joint, neuralgias
Graz University, Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer.nat.G. Fischer
Dr.W.Glaube, W. Kobinger, published at the Österreichische Zeitschrift für physikalische Medizine und Rehabilitation

Improved blood count – 1999
(prevention of thrombus generation)
Prof. Dr. hibil. Mult. J. Waldmann, Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil. M. Krauss

Rheumatology and Osteology – 1999
Hygiene Institute of the Graz University and Teaching Hospital Marburg/Drau
Univ.-Prog.Dr.rer.nat.G.Fischer, W.Kobinger, Dr.med.J.Barovic

Blood diagnostics-changes in blood volume – 1999
Prof.Dr.hibil.mult.J.Waldmann, Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil.M.Krauss, Dr.med. G.Grohmann

Toxicity of white blood cells – 2000
Safety of QRS administration up to 2 hours duration and more.
Prof.Dr.Dr.A Varga, Heidelberg University

Demonstration of ion transport (cellular metabolism) . Patented at QRS – 2000
Demonstration of the transport of ions Na+ K+, and Ca++ at the Szeged University (Hungary) Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Varga and Dr. D. Deralat at the Max-Plank-Institute

Field leakage at various applications – 2000
The involvement of third persons under QRS therapy
Determination of the required minimum distance.

Exact investigation of field strengths and frequency patterns – 2000
and the signal-theoretic analysis on the QRS stimulation signal

Wound healing sacral decubitus/multiple varicose ulcers – 2000
Study at the General Accident Hospital Graz Primarium Univ.-Prof.Dr.R..Passl

Dental treatment – circulation treatment of the pulp – 2000
Jena: University, Dr.med.G.Grohmann
Prof.Dr.Ing.-habil. M. Krauss

Cardiovascular – sympathicus control by QRS – 2000
Prof. Dr. Fischer AG Institute – Technology Center – Chemnitz
Prof. Dr. Ing.-hibil M. Krauss

Gonarthrosis – 2001
Double-bling study
Dr.med.J.Barovic, Doz. Dr. Z.Turk,
Marburg University Hospital
Univ.-Prof.Dr.rer.nat. G.Fischer, Graz University

Parkinson’s Disease – 2001
Case study
Trinidad and Tobago University

Cancer treatment – 2001
“La Torre” Health Center, Torino
QRS therapy and oncology, pilot study

Ocular treatment- changes in retinal circulation – 2001
Jena University
Prof.Dr.Ing-hibil. M.Krauss

Bone healing-osteoporosis-in vertebral disk lesions – 2001
Pilot study
Edith-Stein-achklink, Neurology and Orthopedics

QRS customers field study, 30,000 QRS users 100 case studies – 2001
Munich University

Fitness sports/lactate and balance – 2001
Double-bline study
Germany Armeded Forces University Munich
Univ.-Prof. Dr.R.B.Pelka

QRS Research around the World
University of Erlangen, wound healing
University ofI Nürnberg, diabetes
University of München, Ionen transport
University of Frankfurt, Osteoporosis
University of Jena, Cardiovascular

University of Graz, bone healing


Space Center Moscow, lung, bloodstream

University of West Indiens, sickle cell anemia

University of Amsterdam, melatonin

Serbien Serbia
University of Belgrad, blood & scars