Quantum Cellular Medicine “QCM” is the segment of medicine that focuses on cell function and cell communication in the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of health and wellness in the human body.

QCM is one of the most pleasant ways to a healthier, longer life
"QCM" Quantum Cellular Medicine
Relaxation, Preservation, Regeneration
QCM is for the whole family
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QCM Personal Detox System

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Therasage Thera360 PLUS Far Infared Sauna

Patented Infrared Portable Sauna. Generates an abundance of negative ions, and bathes your body from every angle in gentle, full-spectrum infrared frequencies, with no exposure to harmful EMFs, ELFs, and RFs.

Unique, healthy personal infrared healing energy in an easy to use and affordable, high quality full spectrum infrared (near, mid, and far infrared) Personal Detox System. This system brings the basic applications of Infrared energy into the home. The benefits of nature, through the full Infrared spectrum and negative ions interfaced with natural earth elements. The natural gemstones jade and tourmaline enhance the even distribution of deep penetrating infrared, and generate an abundance of negative ions. This brings the positive forces of infrared heat, negative ions, and natural health to one’s body.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Direct Photobiomodulation Therapy panel to put directly on an area of pain like a knee, ankle, arm, wrist, back shoulder or neck. It Can also be used outside your Sauna Detox session.

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Features & Specifications:
  • New! Dual “Tri-Lite” Red Light & Near InfraRed Frequency Light Panels - 118 Diodes - 650nm-960nm
  • (2) Detachable individual panels to apply Photo Biomodulation Treatment on specific areas
  • Advanced EMF/ELF/RF Remediation - No Electro Smog!
  • Gem Stone Technology (GST) creates Negative lon release
  • Includes TheraO3 Ozone therapy, an effective way to increase oxygen concentration in the body
    Enhanced Oxygen improves the immune system, helps detoxify the body and kill of pathogens
  • Full Spectrum Infrared, Enhanced Near and Red Light
  • No Exposure to Electro Magnetic Frequency (EMF)
  • Non-Toxic materials - No VOCs including Non Off-gassing Natural Bamboo Material
  • 96% Emissivity
  • Radiant Barrier Frequency Recirculating Insulation
  • New Bio-Energetic Harmonizing Technology
  • Natural Tourmaline Stones for maximum heat transfer and Negative Ion release
  • Advanced Earthing Technology for polarity balancing and grounding
  • Quick and Easy set up and take down
  • Temperature controlled, 100 to 170F easy-to-use LED Controller and 90 minute extended timer.
  • Box Dimensions: 42”L x 8”W x 32H"
  • System Set up Dimensions: 33"W x 37"L x 46"H
  • Wattage: 900 watts
  • Standard Voltage: 120V (also available in 220v)
  • Actual Weight: 26 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 33 lbs
  • Meets International standards for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical standards, and low voltage directives.
  • This product is manufactured in a quality inspected facility, internationally certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) as to compliance with ISO9001 Management System Practices.  Tested for Bio Compatibility and material toxicity.
  • Additional Modality Modules available (Ozone, Aroma Therapy, Sound Therapy)
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  • Temperature controlled, 100 to 170F easy-to-use LED Controller and 90 minute extended timer.
  • Extra Strength natural bamboo chair
  • Small, 6" Bamboo Infrared Foot Panel
  • Oversized, Soft Fold-up, non-toxic, no-VOC cabin
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Extra Zip-out terry cloth collar
  • 12' Extra Long Power Cord
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Detoxification
  • Decrease Inflammation
  • Increase circulation
  • Relieve pain
  • Burn calories
  • Sleep Better
  • Immune Enhancement & Promote overall health and wellness
  • Affordable, effective InfraRed Personal Detox System.
Features & Specifications

Charge and go format. Add into your sauna
session. It is portable so you can take it
with you to sanitize the air around you,
in your car, plane and everywhere you want
to be sure to kill germs, bacteria and viruses!

  • W 3 x H 5 x D 2 inch
  • Weight: 10 oz Max Working
  • Time: 8 Hours. Standby Time: 12.5 Hours
  • Power Source: DC5V 1500MA
  • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery

TheraO3 Portable Ozone Module

Ozone therapy is an alternative approach that is a very effective way to increase the amount of oxygen in the body. This is especially significant in blood oxygen concentration. The introduction of Ozome creates a cellular infusion of oxygen. This occurs with several QCM technologies.

Ozone Therapy is a powerful treatment and healing protocol that anyone suffering with a chronic or acute health condition. The enhanced Oxygen can quickly improve the function of the immune system, and help detoxify the body & kill off harmful pathogens.

Want to feel better and look better?
Ozone therapy creates enhanced Oxygen in your blood which gives you more physical energy and improves your ability to fall asleep faster and easier and provides a more restful sleep as well. Ozone therapy has been known to enhance hair, allow nails to grow stronger, longer and faster. This enriched Oxygen treatment makes your skin radiate and you take on a renewed healthy glow.

The PDS includes the TheraO3 as the answer for a multi-purpose easy to use affordable portable Ozone device. The O3 is designed to use inside the PDS full spectrum infa-red sauna to oxygenate your blood while you are receiving the detoxification effects.

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Features of the 360+InfaRed Sauna
How to Set Up

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