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Ultimate Wound Solutions LLC

2109 60th Street, Suite A
Bradenton, FL 34209

Reviews for Ultimate Wound Solutions: 

"In Early March of this year, something bit me 4 times on the top of my right foot by the big toe. Within 24 hours the skin started breaking down and within 3 days they put me in intensive care and surgically removed the affected tissue.  Things seemed to be improving and then 3 weeks later the big toe started turning black and going necrotic. We consulted 2 surgeons to see what could be done. Both only gave me the option of amputation. The morning I was to go in and make a decision, a neighbor stopped by and gave me Dr. Gilbert’s card and said they would at least give it a shot. Obviously I did. I consider that a divine appointment. I cannot say enough about Dr. Gilbert and his staff. They were the only ones suggesting testing to even see what we were dealing with and the only ones willing to help me save as much of my foot as possible. I still have a long way to go but we have seen improvements that even the other doctors are impressed with. I love their out of the box thinking, positive attitudes, and that they sincerely care about me and my health. I will definitely be recommending them."

-Marcie T.
"As a diabetic I have had two different issues with my feet over the last 5 or 6 years and every time Dr Gilbert has been able to help me recover fully.  The last time I somehow managed to scrap about a 3x3 inch piece of skin off the bottom of my right foot.  Over the course of 12 weeks he was able through multiple treatments, to totally repair my foot to wholeness without any infection setting in.  It was simply amazing to watch the skin being regenerated to the bottom of my foot over the course of time.  His professional knowledge and skill are top notch.  The treatment by him and his friendly caring staff made the recovery process easy.  An added note here; I drive over 275 miles round trip for an appointment.with Dr. Gilbert and sometimes that was every day for weeks.  He and his practice are the best!"

-J. G. Kauffman
"On February 15th 2018, I had surgery on my right foot due to suffering from a stress fracture. Recovery from this surgery was challenging but all right. I play tennis and playing with three screws and a plate in my foot was uncomfortable. I decided to get all of the material removed when possible, which was one year after the first surgery. On February 19th 2019, I had my second surgery removing the material from my foot. Surgery went well, but the recovery did not. My scar was taking a while to heal. After the surgery I went back on the court a little bit too early (like a month or two or so after). This caused my scar to reopen and not heal correctly. It also got infected. My foot was also extremely week due to being inactive for so long. My mom then made some online research to find a place that could heal me successfully and fast. This is when I went to Dr. Gilbert for help. After only three weeks of laser on my scar and spray, my infection was gone and scar was healed. My scar looks even better than from the first surgery I had. It is thinner and healthier. I was able to start working out again, only issue was that my foot was still really weak. I then went on their chiropractic side where Dr. Gilbert helped me get stronger. After two weeks of exercise to make sure I wouldn’t get I injured again, I was back on court, pain free and stress free. I highly recommend this place. Adding on to this, the people are lovely."

Where do I begin? Dr.Gilbert is the BEST doctor that I have seen in the entire state of Florida! He is the ONLY doctor that stopped, listened & helped me with terrible wounds on my legs! My legs were in trouble for over 3 years, with his spray treatments, magnetic & laser therapy, my legs are healing! I had been everywhere in the state of Florida: Shands Hospital, the USF health clinic, Brandon Hospital, MANY specialists in Bradenton & Sarasota and the Cleveland Clinic! Dr.Gilbert gives the world HOPE! Thank you!"

-Michelle B.
"July 2018 I went to the ER, I had sepsis they started me on the first of the five antibiotics I was put on. Within a couple hours of being there my right leg started swelling and turning pink. I was admitted, that was the first of 11 days in the hospital, where my leg became worse and worse. They did cultures and biopsies they could not find out what was causing the infection that they called flesh eating bacteria. when they gave me the last antibiotic I started having a heart issue called Atrial fibrillation AFIb. I was then moved to the cardiac unit. Spent three days there. That antibiotic did stop the infection from growing and brought my fevers down. I was then able to go home.

I have been a patient of Ronald Gilbert's for approximately 10 years for chiropractic needs. I have watched the videos playing about his Ultimate Wound Solution, I knew it would work for my leg. I called and made an appointment. He started using the Ultimate Wound Solution and laser therapy. Within two weeks my leg was completely healed.

I am so thankful for Dr. Gilbert and his great staff."

-Gail N.
"My open fracture of my elbow left a hole that did not close and heal after plastic surgery, followed by a second surgery to remove infected tissue, followed by a wound vac machine to try to close the hole. That's when I turned to Dr. Gilbert. His simple, effective protocol healed my elbow wound  in two weeks! I highly recommend him and his staff."

-Joyce K.
"My wife has had open wounds on her legs for the past two years. She also developed an open wound on one of her heels and edema in both legs. Being diabetic, any wounds and sores that she has do not heal well. We came to Dr. Gilbert and have been going for two weeks so far, and have seen a 50% + improvement in her condition both legs and the heel. My wife and I have been all over the state of Florida over the past year trying to get a resolution to her legs with no luck. Dr. Gilbert’s patented process is the only thing that has worked for her. I highly recommend Dr. Gilbert and his staff, they are top notch and we are lucky to have them here in Bradenton."

-Jerry B.