Quantum Cellular Medicine “QCM” is the segment of medicine that focuses on cell function and cell communication in the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of health and wellness in the human body.

QCM is one of the most pleasant ways to a healthier, longer life
"QCM" Quantum Cellular Medicine
Relaxation, Preservation, Regeneration
QCM is for the whole family

Quantum Medicine and Acupuncture

Quantum Medicine and Acupuncture

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Dr. Jason Tsai DOM
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Dr. Jason Tsai DOM

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A message from Dr. Jason Tsai, A.P. O.M.D.

Quantum Cellular Medicine is, for me, a combination of several modalities I have used over the years for my patients. Electro Acupuncture and Holographic discs. Laser light electric Stimulation. Vibronic Energizer, QCM detox system. CRA machine - Concentrate Reflex Analysis. Mental Health and Nutrition. 

No chemicals, no drugs, no side effects. We are simply working with the body's natural energy flow to bring back your optimal functioning state of yin and yang balance. 

We can think of it as acupuncture without the needles. This process takes place based on the science of the Meridian System (our body's energy flow). Combined with a concept in physics called entrainment. Entrainment in the bio musicological sense which refers to the synchronization of organisms. 

This simply means that the Quantum Cellular Holistic Energy Formulas our imprinted in the discs and our frequency machines. When the disc is placed at the proper position on the body, it will interact with our body's energy and balance our energy flow, allowing our body to restore its proper ideal function. 

Because the formulas are quantum cellular energy, the body will only accept what it needs to become balanced meaning you can not overdose. Therefore Quantum Cellular Medicine is 100% safe for all ages. There are no drugs involved. No negative side effects. Safe for men, women children and the elderly. Regardless of what medications they may be on. 

Each machine or disc is infused with a unique formula. These formulas are like the ingredients in various pills. The body absorbs them through the largest organ of the body, the skin. They are distinct formulas for mental health, stress, tension, sleep and reduction of pain. For general internal organ diseases, for brain function, coordination and disorder problems. For detoxing heavy metals, drugs, food chemicals and environmental pollutants.

More than 100 different Detox poisons addressed!

No Drugs. No Side Effects.

We Specialize In
  • Herniated Discs
  • Pinched Nerves 
  • Spinal Stenosis 
  • Brain Dysfunction 
  • Spinal Decompression
We Utilize
  • ‍Vibronic Energizer Electro Acupuncture
  • ‍Food Sensitivity Testing
  • ‍QRS Magnetic Therapy
  • QCM CRA Machine
  • Laser Acupuncture
  • And 25 years experience and quality care
“When I came to Dr. Tsai I could not walk. I had a tumor and two herniated discs. I CAN NOW WALK and recommend him to any one!"
— Frank K
“For 22 years I had inflammation and pain effecting my life! For the first time my pain is gone!"
— Helen Wermuth