Quantum Cellular Medicine “QCM” is the segment of medicine that focuses on cell function and cell communication in the diagnosis, treatment, and maintenance of health and wellness in the human body.

QCM is one of the most pleasant ways to a healthier, longer life
"QCM" Quantum Cellular Medicine
Relaxation, Preservation, Regeneration
QCM is for the whole family

Quantum Cellular Medicine

Quantum Cellular Medicine focuses on cell regeneration and preservation. Scientists and researchers of the Prof. Dr. Fischer AG, the Institute for Quantenmedicine® have examined the complex processes in the cell for more than two decades.

Our cells are under constant stress from pollutants, diet, too much or too little exercise, drugs, and other lifestyle factors. When our cells are weakened, we look and feel exhausted and we are more prone to illness. This is why we look at health from the cellular level.

QCM clinics utilize the most recent developments in Quantum Cellular Medicine in both diagnosis and treatment of disease and the maintenance of optimal health and wellness. Please browse through our website to learn more about the technologies and methods we utilize in our practices.

QCM Cellvital Homecare Brochure

QRS showing patented absorption of Electro Smog

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